Transformation in Kundalini Yoga


"The purpose of Kundalini Yoga is transformation." Yogi Bhajan

Transformation is something we all are looking for when we are thinking of taking up yoga, whether we are aware of it or not. I, personally, had a very unhealthy lifestyle, was ill a lot, never had any energy and spent most of my free time in a pub or getting intoxicated in one way or another. I was in my early twenties but I felt like 50 years old and I hit the rock bottom. I knew I couldn’t continue living like that and this state got me to my first yoga class. Fast forward 13 years and I feel more alive, stronger and healthier than ever. The transformation I was looking for came in many forms over the 13 years period but without a doubt, Kundalini Yoga was the most powerful, profound and sustainable tool on my path. All kinds of yoga are transformational, the difference is that Kundalini Yoga is laser-focused. 10 years of practicing Hatha Yoga will create similar benefits as 1 year of regular Kundalini Yoga practice. As Russell Brands puts it “Kundalini Yoga is the crack cocaine of yoga. If hatha is a mild weed high, iyengar is a deep hash glow, and ashtanga is amphetamine, Kundalini blows the *ucking doors off.” 

How does it happen?

Kundalini Yoga shifts energy. Everything in the Universe is made out of energy, including us. So if we want to change any aspect of our life we need to shift energy within us. How does Kundalini Yoga do it? It combines physical movement, breath, sound and rhythm. Each of those components will shift energy but combined together in a focused way will work much faster, the effects will be more profound and sustainable which is exactly what Kundalini Yoga does. The main part of every Kundalini Yoga class is a kriya – yoga set with a specific goal in mind. Kriya means a transformation in action. The best part of it is, you don’t need to understand it, know anything or follow any cultural/ religious beliefs. It just works. All you have to do it follow the teacher’s instructions, perform it to your ability and the transformation will happen. It’s magic!

Although it is very profound and efficient, is very subtle and safe at the same time. It can work instantly and many people feel the difference after their first class but often it requires more regular practice. There is no fireworks or light striking as Russell Brand may be suggesting it but people notice a slight difference in their personality and behavior over time. I often hear “I used to be very anxious about meeting new people but I’m not anymore” or “I would never apply for that new job if it wasn’t for Kundalini Yoga” or “Since doing Kundalini Yoga I sleep much better and I deal with stressful situations in a more positive and peaceful manner” and “Others say I look so radiant”.  

Why do we need transformation?

Growth is a natural state of every human being. From the time we come to this world our physical body grows and changes, whether we want it or not. We can’t change this process. It’s similar with our mind and soul. They thrive on growth and expansion. One of my teachers often repeats: “If we don’t expand, we shrink.”  Kundalini Yoga allows us to transform and expand in a beautiful, supporting and sacred environment. It will show us only as much as we can take and it’s up to us whether we want to jump in. Will you jump into the world of magic, opportunities and peace? Or you prefer to be stuck in that job, relationship or any other aspect of your life that doesn’t feel right or fulfilling? We always have a choice. You can start creating and transforming your life today, all you have to do is to apply these transformative tools. 

I would love to be your guide on that journey. I’ve been teaching for over 7 years and almost every day I see the transformation in people who practice with me and in myself. I’m forever grateful for all the tools in Kundalini Yoga and my mission is to spread them as much as possible and let others experience its magic too.

Lastly, if you’ve experienced transformation in Kundalini Yoga tell us about it in the comments below. Your story will inspire others!