7 keys to prosperity


Prosperity is a state of mind! There are people with massive bank accounts but they live in scarcity, constant fear and ‘there’s not enough’ attitude. Prosperity is when you’re full of trust, grace, and security. Prosperity is when you’re in tune with yourself and the Universe. Think of the scale of the Universe, it’s infinite, as is its abundance and creativity. The more you connect with the universal flow and feel it in your being - the more prosperous, abundant and resourceful you will become. Our main challenge is our ego that wants to be in control, have clear boundaries and feel safe. That illusion of control and safety keeps us from living abundant and prosperous life we all can live. 

Here are some reminders how to be more in the flow and in alignment with the Universe.

1. You’re worthy

Our main blockage to prosperity is that we don’t think we deserve it. There is subconscious programming running in many of our psyches saying that there is something wrong with us, that we are not good enough and we need to work hard for anything. It’s time to reprogram your subconscious mind to something more empowering like “I’m worthy of living in prosperity, I’m abundance, I’m enough”. Make it your mantra and see your reality transforming.  

2. Gratitude

Living in gratitude brings us back to our heart center. When we are grateful for whatever there is, more will come our way. Gratitude brings peace and light into our bodies and minds. It helps us relax and connect with ourselves on a deeper level. In the state of gratitude, we raise our vibration and it’s so much easier to manifest from such state of being.

3. Feel abundance

We attract what we feel, not what we want. So make habit of feeling abundant. I find it very easy to feel abundance in nature. When I’m out walking I admire great trees, bushes, flowers. There is so much abundance in nature, especially in the summertime. The way we are feeling at any given moment has a direct impact on the quality of life we are creating for ourselves. If you want to transform your reality, focus on where you’re heading, not what is right in front of you. If you’re keep feeling lack and “there is not enough” you will be creating your reality where there will be lack and not enough. I’m not talking here about kidding ourselves or being in denial, I’m talking about transforming our subconscious mind and “installing new software” on the “computer” of our subconscious mind. So practice feeling abundance and you will see more abundance in your life.     

4. Infinite universe

Whenever I’m shrinking and thinking small I remind myself of the size of the Universe. Immediately I feel the expansion, limitless, infinity. We are part of the universe too, so we are the expansion, we are limitless and infinity. As mentioned earlier it’s the ego that is keeping us small, “safe” and “in control”. It is scary to surrender to the vastness of the Universe but it’s the best place to be. And this takes us to the next step...  

5. Trust

To surrender to the vastness of the Universe we need to learn to trust. Trust is the base of any good relationship and the one with the Universe too. I believe Universe only supports you and pours its abundance to you when it’s certain you’re in trust. So exercise your trust. Know that Universe has your back and it’s there for you no matter what. Trust and let the magic unfold.

6. Open heart and open mind

Prosperity often comes in ways we least expect it. This is why an open mind and open heart help us to see beyond ordinary. Logic can take you from A to B, imagination can take you anywhere. That openness, acceptance, and peace in your heart will take you from ordinary to extraordinary, where the magic happens. Relax and be ready to receive.

7. Live 3 Laws of Prosperity by Yogi Bhajan

Be kind to everyone.

Never speak ill of others.

Never speak ill of yourself.

When we can’t fully accept ourselves and others we close our heart and we disconnect from the Universe. We reinforce the idea that there is “not enough”, not enough happiness, success, and abundance for everybody.   

I invite you to take only one point from this article and practice it daily. When you feel you have mastered it, move on to the next one. Which one do you want to practice today?

Let me know in the comments below. 

Wishing you lots of prosperity and abundance! With love, Daria x