What is Kundalini Yoga?


Kundalini yoga is a specifically designed technology which can help you gain the tools to live day- to- day life in a much more positive and peaceful way. Everybody who practices Kundalini yoga can benefit from it. Kundalini yoga is suitable for anyone, no matter what your level of fitness, age, religion or personal beliefs. You don't even need to understand it and it will still produce powerful results. Just relax and enjoy the process.
"Kundalini yoga classes are a dynamic blend of postures, pranayama (breathing exercises), some mantra (chanting), music and meditation, which teach you the art of relaxation, self-healing and elevation. Balancing body and mind enables you to experience the clarity and beauty of your soul." Yogi Bhajan.
Benefits of kundalini yoga are best described in 3 words:
Healthy, Happy, Holy.



A grand and dramatic statement! However at a point when I was consumed by stress and anxiety Daria helped me with yoga, meditation and mindset. With: some simple physical yoga; a daily prosperity meditation of between 7-11 minutes; and by writing down affirmations daily, there were, and continue to be, instant tangible results (including a lucrative work engagement within the world of the super rich – and I mean SUPER rich). More importantly the routine has changed my outlook. I am confident, stress free and happy. With this mindset my decision making has improved, work performance has improved and family life has improved.
— James Hulme – Managing Director
Daria is an incredible teacher and I don’t put it lightly when I say her classes and workshops have been ‘life-changing’! You really do feel such a natural high after each class. She is inspirational and a very ‘real’ teacher. I’ve practiced ashtanga yoga and other styles for many years but I can honestly say I have grown more, opened my mind and experienced more bliss in my one year of Kundalini yoga than in any other styles. And Daria is to thank for that!
— Charlotte Holroyd
I trust Daria as she is a true professional, you can tell she knows exactly what she is doing and fiercely believes in Kundalini. I love her style of teaching as she has no ego, I wouldn’t want to be taught by anyone else. I prefer practising with a group in higher vibration and also that we are spending longer than I would on my own practise at home so it’s a chance to get more done and take some time out for me.”
— Rebecca, Manchester


Regular Kundalini Yoga classes in Manchester and North Wales. Check out the schedule and join a class nearest to you.

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Explore, understand & experience Kundalini Yoga & Meditation on a deeper level. Great for beginners and advanced students.

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Complete Beginner? I have something for you!

Are you feeling little anxious coming to your first Kundalini Yoga class? You don't know what to expect and worrying others will know what they are doing? Download the ebook below to learn more and get well equipped before your first session. I've created it for people who would like to learn about Kundalini Yoga, breathing, mantras and meditation so their first class doesn't seem overwhelming. 

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I feel Daria is inspiring, warm and welcoming. It would have been easy to have felt completely out of my depth as a new comer however your attention to detail ensured I have always felt secure enough to give myself of fully to this wonderful new experience.
— Carol, Manchester

Beginners Kundalini Yoga Class. Bring more flexibility to your body, let the energy flow freely to have more vitality and energy to deal with the challenges of everyday life. Suitable for all levels.