7 easy tips for happy and healthy Summer


Most of us absolutely adore summer time as it’s a time of holidays, festivals and fun in general. It’s been amazing here in Manchester for the last few weeks and everybody is happier, smiling and relaxed.

I believe all seasons are unique and perfect in their own way and embracing each season can be a very insightful and inspiring experience.

Summer is the time when we let our hair down and let ourselves be more spontaneous and care free. However, it can be a fantastic time to engage in more uplifting and inspiring behaviours and create good habits that can serve us for the rest of the year. Sun and Light are supporting us to connect with the best versions of ourselves and transform any negative or unwanted behaviour.  

Here are some tips you can enjoy during the summer time that may encourage you to live a healthier and happier lifestyle after the hot period. 


Who fancies working when it’s that hot? Nobody! Listen to your body and whenever you can take an opportunity to slow down and relax. Take a nap in the shade, walk slowly in the sunshine and find stillness in your body. Don’t try to catch up with the housework at the weekend and enjoy this glorious sunshine. Let the Sun recharge you with its fabulous energy! Trust me, you don’t need to do anything, just relax and everything you want and need will come to you.


Summer is a great time to connect with nature and see its beauty. Nature can be a very healing force if we let it.

Money problems? See the abundance in nature, feel it and connect with it within yourself to feel again that you’re part of the abundant Universe.

Relationship problems? Sit with your favourite tree, unload and let its wisdom pour into your being. It’s a fantastic communication therapy.

Nature can heal you on so many levels, get out every day and connect with it for a month to see what happens.


I love summer time because my body is craving fresh fruit and vegetables more than ever before. Eating healthy foods is so easy, delicious and fun at this time of the year. Even if you’re not a salad fan usually, this is the best time to try and buy fresh fruit and vegetables that appeal to you. There are loads to choose from so everybody can find something they like. Have a nutritious meal and see how wonderful you feel after.   You may just love it and find yourself eating even healthier later on in the year.

Oh and don’t forget to drink plenty of water too. With lemon, mint or fresh fruit. Do it for your body!


Another nourishing thing for your body is movement. Whatever tickles your fancy! Running, yoga, tennis, dancing, swimming – so much better done outside in such amazing weather. As a result your body and mind will feel great. Get into good habits now and by Autumn you will be hooked. Addicted to feeling awesome.


I’ve recently started doing a lot of meditation al fresco and it’s very eye opening. I strongly recommend you try it too. Even lying down on the beach (or in the park) and consciously focusing on your breathing can count as meditation. Makes sunbathing much more fun too.


Cherish every moment in the best way you can. What do you like doing? What did you always want to do? Go wild, get creative and love life. Do something new and get out of your comfort zone. Enjoy this time of the year because it will finish soon and you will be craving Summer and sunshine again. If you really embrace what is and fully participate, you will be happy to welcome the next season with gratitude and open heart, no regrets.  Live in the moment!


If you choose to have fun, you know it’s best to do it with great friends too, with people who encourage the best of you and appreciate you being you. So either spend more time with your friends and family or make new friends. It will open your heart to a level you never knew existed.

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