How conscious is your shit?

If today you were able to eat any food, consider yourself lucky.

If today you were able to digest and shit that food, consider yourself lucky.

I know most of you have never heard me swearing or talking about such basic physiological needs but life is not only happy, healthy and holy. Life is a combination of our basic body needs, struggles and achievements of your mind and desires and suffering of our spirit. I still do pray our lives are as happy, healthy and holy as possible but reality is often slightly different from the ideal concept.

I had a powerful reality check recently… More about it soon..

I had a very enlightening moment today. It wasn’t during sadhana or meditation. I was sitting on a loo and for the first time ever I thought I’m so fortunate and blessed having shit. My body is working so well for me and supporting me in everything I do. My body is a beautiful machine and allows me to live a more conscious life and help others to do likewise.

Where is this enlightening from? That’s my reality check.. Over last few days I’ve been serving my dad as he is suffering with stage four liver cancer. It’s so difficult to see him in such state that my eye got swollen and something popped out on my eyelid. He had so little food this week and hasn’t been to toilet once. So that’s our prayer – that his body starts functioning better and we can fight this awful disease.

My dad was an athlete, a parachuter and a hero in general in my eyes. He is an example of the most wonderful masculine energy that I truly admire. So seeing him losing so much weight and not being able to walk to a garden is truly heartbreaking.

And that’s my reality check. It’s fascinating how one’s perspective changes in situation like that.. How priorities change.

I’m feeling very lucky I could shit today. I’m feeling lucky I could pray and support my family and myself. This feeling of gratitude is the only tool I have that gives me strength and I can look at my dad with a smile on my face and say ‘We can do it together. We are an awesome team’

So next time you shit, be conscious of it. Be grateful for your body is functioning well and will help you to live more aware life and serve your soul purpose. Be conscious of your shit!

P.S. I wrote that 6 days before my dad died. I came to Poland two weeks before this passing and it was one of the most challenging, painful and terrifying times in my life. However, I’m very grateful I was with him as he felt very loved, cared for and supported by my sister and I.

P.S. 2. Dad, we are an awesome team! Forever    


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