Transformation in Kundalini Yoga


"The purpose of Kundalini Yoga is transformation." Yogi Bhajan

Transformation is something we all are looking for when we are thinking of taking up yoga, whether we are aware of it or not. I, personally, had a very unhealthy lifestyle, was ill a lot, never had any energy and spent most of my free time in a pub or getting intoxicated in one way or another. I was in my early twenties but I felt like 50 years old and I hit the rock bottom. I knew I couldn’t continue living like that and this state got me to my first yoga class. Fast forward 13 years and I feel more alive, stronger and healthier than ever. The transformation I was looking for came in many forms over the 13 years period but without a doubt, Kundalini Yoga was the most powerful, profound and sustainable tool on my path. All kinds of yoga are transformational, the difference is that Kundalini Yoga is laser-focused. 10 years of practicing Hatha Yoga will create similar benefits as 1 year of regular Kundalini Yoga practice. As Russell Brands puts it “Kundalini Yoga is the crack cocaine of yoga. If hatha is a mild weed high, iyengar is a deep hash glow, and ashtanga is amphetamine, Kundalini blows the *ucking doors off.” 

How does it happen?

Kundalini Yoga shifts energy. Everything in the Universe is made out of energy, including us. So if we want to change any aspect of our life we need to shift energy within us. How does Kundalini Yoga do it? It combines physical movement, breath, sound and rhythm. Each of those components will shift energy but combined together in a focused way will work much faster, the effects will be more profound and sustainable which is exactly what Kundalini Yoga does. The main part of every Kundalini Yoga class is a kriya – yoga set with a specific goal in mind. Kriya means a transformation in action. The best part of it is, you don’t need to understand it, know anything or follow any cultural/ religious beliefs. It just works. All you have to do it follow the teacher’s instructions, perform it to your ability and the transformation will happen. It’s magic!

Although it is very profound and efficient, is very subtle and safe at the same time. It can work instantly and many people feel the difference after their first class but often it requires more regular practice. There is no fireworks or light striking as Russell Brand may be suggesting it but people notice a slight difference in their personality and behavior over time. I often hear “I used to be very anxious about meeting new people but I’m not anymore” or “I would never apply for that new job if it wasn’t for Kundalini Yoga” or “Since doing Kundalini Yoga I sleep much better and I deal with stressful situations in a more positive and peaceful manner” and “Others say I look so radiant”.  

Why do we need transformation?

Growth is a natural state of every human being. From the time we come to this world our physical body grows and changes, whether we want it or not. We can’t change this process. It’s similar with our mind and soul. They thrive on growth and expansion. One of my teachers often repeats: “If we don’t expand, we shrink.”  Kundalini Yoga allows us to transform and expand in a beautiful, supporting and sacred environment. It will show us only as much as we can take and it’s up to us whether we want to jump in. Will you jump into the world of magic, opportunities and peace? Or you prefer to be stuck in that job, relationship or any other aspect of your life that doesn’t feel right or fulfilling? We always have a choice. You can start creating and transforming your life today, all you have to do is to apply these transformative tools. 

I would love to be your guide on that journey. I’ve been teaching for over 7 years and almost every day I see the transformation in people who practice with me and in myself. I’m forever grateful for all the tools in Kundalini Yoga and my mission is to spread them as much as possible and let others experience its magic too.

Lastly, if you’ve experienced transformation in Kundalini Yoga tell us about it in the comments below. Your story will inspire others!

7 keys to prosperity


Prosperity is a state of mind! There are people with massive bank accounts but they live in scarcity, constant fear and ‘there’s not enough’ attitude. Prosperity is when you’re full of trust, grace, and security. Prosperity is when you’re in tune with yourself and the Universe. Think of the scale of the Universe, it’s infinite, as is its abundance and creativity. The more you connect with the universal flow and feel it in your being - the more prosperous, abundant and resourceful you will become. Our main challenge is our ego that wants to be in control, have clear boundaries and feel safe. That illusion of control and safety keeps us from living abundant and prosperous life we all can live. 

Here are some reminders how to be more in the flow and in alignment with the Universe.

1. You’re worthy

Our main blockage to prosperity is that we don’t think we deserve it. There is subconscious programming running in many of our psyches saying that there is something wrong with us, that we are not good enough and we need to work hard for anything. It’s time to reprogram your subconscious mind to something more empowering like “I’m worthy of living in prosperity, I’m abundance, I’m enough”. Make it your mantra and see your reality transforming.  

2. Gratitude

Living in gratitude brings us back to our heart center. When we are grateful for whatever there is, more will come our way. Gratitude brings peace and light into our bodies and minds. It helps us relax and connect with ourselves on a deeper level. In the state of gratitude, we raise our vibration and it’s so much easier to manifest from such state of being.

3. Feel abundance

We attract what we feel, not what we want. So make habit of feeling abundant. I find it very easy to feel abundance in nature. When I’m out walking I admire great trees, bushes, flowers. There is so much abundance in nature, especially in the summertime. The way we are feeling at any given moment has a direct impact on the quality of life we are creating for ourselves. If you want to transform your reality, focus on where you’re heading, not what is right in front of you. If you’re keep feeling lack and “there is not enough” you will be creating your reality where there will be lack and not enough. I’m not talking here about kidding ourselves or being in denial, I’m talking about transforming our subconscious mind and “installing new software” on the “computer” of our subconscious mind. So practice feeling abundance and you will see more abundance in your life.     

4. Infinite universe

Whenever I’m shrinking and thinking small I remind myself of the size of the Universe. Immediately I feel the expansion, limitless, infinity. We are part of the universe too, so we are the expansion, we are limitless and infinity. As mentioned earlier it’s the ego that is keeping us small, “safe” and “in control”. It is scary to surrender to the vastness of the Universe but it’s the best place to be. And this takes us to the next step...  

5. Trust

To surrender to the vastness of the Universe we need to learn to trust. Trust is the base of any good relationship and the one with the Universe too. I believe Universe only supports you and pours its abundance to you when it’s certain you’re in trust. So exercise your trust. Know that Universe has your back and it’s there for you no matter what. Trust and let the magic unfold.

6. Open heart and open mind

Prosperity often comes in ways we least expect it. This is why an open mind and open heart help us to see beyond ordinary. Logic can take you from A to B, imagination can take you anywhere. That openness, acceptance, and peace in your heart will take you from ordinary to extraordinary, where the magic happens. Relax and be ready to receive.

7. Live 3 Laws of Prosperity by Yogi Bhajan

Be kind to everyone.

Never speak ill of others.

Never speak ill of yourself.

When we can’t fully accept ourselves and others we close our heart and we disconnect from the Universe. We reinforce the idea that there is “not enough”, not enough happiness, success, and abundance for everybody.   

I invite you to take only one point from this article and practice it daily. When you feel you have mastered it, move on to the next one. Which one do you want to practice today?

Let me know in the comments below. 

Wishing you lots of prosperity and abundance! With love, Daria x

5 easy tips to boost your Kundalini yoga practice

kundalini yoga daria.JPG

Kundalini Yoga was designed for busy people, who work, have families and other commitments. It was designed to improve one’s performance at those tasks and not take one away from it. Hence, there are many simple, powerful and quick tools we can apply to change the energy in our bodies and our state of mind. Kundalini Yoga is a vast technology which can be applied in many various ways in everyday life. Today I wanted to introduce a few of those ways that are almost effortless but in a long run, they will make a big difference.


1. Trust its power

People come to Kundalini Yoga for many reasons and they approach it in various ways. It produces an enormous amount of energy but one can receive only as much as one is prepared to take. You can come to a class to feel more relaxed, uplifted and positive after or you can allow it to heal your body and mind, transform limiting believes and deeply empower you. It's a little bit like having an iPhone and just making phone calls, and not using its full potential. So if you feel the call, have an intention in every class and let Kundalini Yoga work for you on a deeper level. 


2. 10 minutes a day

Commit to 10 minutes of yoga or meditation a day. Small steps are fantastic because you can do it easily and feel accomplished which motivates further progress. The incredible thing about Kundalini yoga is that 5 or 10 minutes of regular, daily practice can really shift your energy or bring the body into correct alignment. Make this 10 minutes your priority, time for yourself and your Self will do lots for you in return. Ordinary tasks done regularly produce extraordinary results! Not sure what to do? Drop me a line and I will be happy to help you.


3. Play mantras at home

There are many benefits of playing mantras wherever you are. First of all, you will easily learn various mantras that probably will be used in a class. Secondly, it raises the vibration of the environment where it’s played. Once a student came to Yogi Bhajan for advice on his struggling business. Yogi Bhajan told him to play Aap Sahai Hooaa mantra on repeat 24-7. Power of this chant helped to remove obstacles and indeed the energy of the venture lifted, it became prosperous again.


4. Read a book

I don't know about you but I'm obsessed with books. Reading for me is like immersing myself in a different world, learning from it and getting inspired. There are many books on Kundalini yoga that will do just that for you. They will widen your perspective, open your mind and heart. And they are easily accessible now. 9 years ago when I was starting my Kundalini adventure it was really difficult to buy any books on Kundalini Yoga in the UK. So glad things are changing and Kundalini yoga is growing as fast as it is. Wahe guru! Oh I’ve created my books recommendation for you too.


5. Immersion

I like a holistic approach to life, or to my practice. One thing is learning something and another is subtle immersion with like-minded people, sharing yogic tips and realization that we are not isolated on this path and there are other people as crazy as us. That's why I encourage you to book yourself onto a workshop or retreat and dive into this technology, its lifestyle and let it become part of your life. This is when the magic happens. 


If you know me, you know how much joy I get when I hear you practicing more and applying the technology of Kundalini Yoga in your life. So please share in the comments which of those tips seem appealing and whether you’re going to take action.


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Kundalini Yoga books to inspire and educate

People often ask for a recommendation of Kundalini Yoga books when they want to learn more, get more inspired or want to start a home practice. There are many books available at the moment and I will introduce you to different kind of books that may appeal to different personality types. Have a good scroll and I hope it will inspire you to dive deeper into your Kundalini Yoga practice.   


‘Yoga for Real Life’ by Maya Fiennes is an easy, lovely and inspiring read. It will motivate you and allow to do bits and bobs of yoga at home. Maya is a great and highly respected Kundalini Yoga teacher worldwide. In this book, Maya shows how Kundalini Yoga benefited her life and what it can do for you! Beginners will enjoy if It’s more on the feminine side, but guys fear not I have something masculine for you too.


‘The Invincible Living’ by Guru Jagat another celebrity yoga teacher from the US. Guru Jagat is a powerful and unique Kundalini Yoga teacher. She has a scientific approach and this is the impression of this book. Her teaching style is all about transformation, empowerment, human potential and radiance. If this tickles your fancy that’s the book for you. You will find simple meditations and yoga set, as well as practical tips.


'The 8 human talents' by Gurmukh. It's a beautiful book about charkas, Kundalini Yoga and meditation. If you want to learn more about chakras and how their energy affects your everyday life this book is for you. There are many stories of Gurmukh herself and her students. You will probably relate to some of them or will be able to understand your own journey with yoga. I definitely recommend this book to everybody, no matter whether you're more right- or left-brained. 


‘The Kundalini Yoga Experience’ by Darryl O'Keeffe & Guru Dharma Singh Khalsa is probably little bit more factual and masculine. It explains many postures, breathing exercises and meditations, very practical and precise. There are full sets (kriyas) which you can do at home. Perfect if you want to establish your own Kundalini Yoga practice.  


The last two books are for hardcore Kundalini Yogis.

‘Kundalini Yoga: The Flow of Eternal Power - a Simple Guide to the Yoga of Awareness as Taught by Yogi Bhajan’  by Shakti Pawha Kaur Khalsa it’s a fantastic book if you really want to learn more and go deeper into your practice. Many interesting facets of Kundalini Yoga and lifestyle explained in an accessible way. Plus yoga sets, meditations, yogic recipes and more. Full of wisdom.  


Last but not least, ‘Laws of Life’ lecture by the master of Kundalini Yoga himself. A little book but full of wisdom and can leave you contemplating for a while. Wanna taste of the original teachings of Yogi Bhajan? This is a good place to start...


There are obviously many more books on Kundalini Yoga but this will keep you going. If you’re looking for something more specific, get in touch I will be happy to help. Oh and let me know if you read any of those books and what are your thoughts.  


5 reasons to celebrate Winter Solstice

Kundalini Yoga Manchester.JPG

You may be wondering what Winter Solstice actually is? It’s the moment when the North Pole is tilted furthest away from the Sun, therefore we are exposed to the least amount of sunlight and the biggest amount of darkness. This planetary situation has a direct impact on our bodies, minds and general wellbeing, regardless whether we’re aware of it or not.    

1. Connect with the universal flow

Consciously approaching Winter Solstice is little bit like driving a car and being aware of the road signs so we know that soon we have to slow down because we’re coming to a junction. We would be probably ok without the warning but may need to be more careful or break really fast. It’s much easier to navigate our inner landscape with the natural rhythms of nature. When we are approaching Winter Solstice consciously we know that there’s very little light available to us, it’s the time of going inward, slowing down and cultivating our inner light. Naturally, we may be feeling a bit down or sluggish and want to hide under warm blanket with a cup of tea. Having this awareness we can let ourselves do that with much more compassion and self-love. It’s called self-care not laziness. The more I listen to my body and connect with the natural rhythms of nature, the more peaceful, healthy and harmonious my life seems to be. It’s about going with the flow of the Universe not against it.     

2. Hope

Let’s face it, it’s dark, cold and going outside doesn’t appeal but deep inside we know that Spring is on its way and it will be beautiful again soon. Hope keep us going. Similarly whatever darkness we may be facing in our lives we must accept it for what it is, feel it fully and in the same time pray and hope that things will change and the light will shine again soon. Let’s be grateful for the darkness as it helps us to appreciate the light even more. In the midst of dark, cold Winter we sometimes feel that it will never end but finding hope in our hearts will see us through. This too shall pass…     

3. Slow down

During Winter Solstice energies are low, even animals hibernate, so it’s not time to go out most nights and run around shopping malls. It’s the time to slow down, listen, go within and enjoy the silence. There will be time for making our goals and dreams come true but now it’s time of slowing down and going inwards to generate energy for the new season. Take time off this festive season and enjoy doing nothing, snuggling up, watching movies and resting.    

4. Re-new yourself

The main reason for slowing down is gathering strength and energy for the new phase of the year. We can’t expect different results next year if we start with the same energy we always had. When we stop, nurture our inner space and raise our vibration in this potent time of the Solstice we renew ourselves to start new. It’s the re-birthing of the Sun and we can re-birth ourselves too, it’s our choice and creativity. Nobody can do it for us. Will you take this opportunity?


5. Enjoy your inner light

Realistically there’s a certain amount of light available to us this time of the year. So trying to chase more light is pointless. This is when we turn inward and cherish the light we have inside. And the more we nurture our sacred space and more it nurtures us. It’s not available only to some special people, it’s available for everybody. All we have to do is to connect with our inner light and cultivate this relationship.

So there you have it, a small guide into Winter Solstice. If you would like to celebrate Winter Solstice with like-minded people and really feel its power come and join us in Chorlton on 21st December in One Yoga Studio. All details here.

I’m wishing you lots of awareness, self-compassion and gentleness during this festive time.