Yoga Slow Dating

Yoga Slow Dating is an event to bring single straight people of similar interests together. Ages 20s 30s early 40s.

Would you like to meet like-minded people? Would you like your future partner to understand why you’re so into yoga, meditation or conscious lifestyle? Wouldn’t it be nice to share yourself on a deeper level with your partner and know that they really get you?

There are many singles in the yoga scene so I wanted to create something and bring them together. Being in one room with like-minded people will help you relax and be yourself. If you’re fed up with superficial swiping left and right, want to meet real people and create authentic relationships this event is for you.

I know that dating is not easy and it requires coming out of one’s comfort zone a lot. As your host I will be creating fun, safe and sacred environment where you can meet people without unnecessary awkwardness and have a good time.

Yoga Speed Dating
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