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Raise your vibration & Manifest the life you want - Kundalini Yoga Workshop Manchester

17th February 2019 14:00-19:00 

Teacher: Daria

“Vibrate the Cosmos and the Cosmos shall clear the path” Yogi Bhajan

Everything in the Universe is energy and everything operates on a certain vibration. We are energy too and what we do affects our vibration. When we are ‘in tune’ with the Universe we seem to be sailing through life easily and even when we face difficult situations we are supported, guided and have enough courage & strength to meet it. When our vibration is out of whack we may struggle to see the blessings and beauty of life, we may continue to make poor choices and attract the wrong people and situations into our life.

In this workshop, you will learn about your vibrational frequency and how it affects your daily life. We will explore how we can increase and decrease our energy each and every day. How we can apply simple adjustments to raise our energy and live a more colourful, meaningful and rich life with much more balance, harmony and strength.

We will use powerful tools from the teachings of Kundalini yoga such as kriya (yoga set), various meditations, mantras, breathing and more to boost your physical, emotional and mental energy.

This workshop is for those of you who vibrate on pretty high energy but want to learn how to increase it even more. And for those of you who are feeling ‘stuck’ in life, who can’t break free from emotional and subconscious programming and to look for more meaning and purpose in life.


Join us to raise your vibration to be in flow with the Universe, be more intuitive, guided & supported on your path and have more love & kindness towards yourself and others.

Suitable for the beginners. 


Sunday 17th February 2019 14.00-19.00

Space at the Mill, Wellington Mill, Duke St, Manchester M3 4NF


Early bird booking £28 before 3rd February, after 3rd February £35.