Are you looking to develop your spiritual practice and take it to the next level? Or maybe you're completely new to Kundalini Yoga but would like to learn why it is one of the fastest growing schools of yoga and meditation in the world? 

Private yoga sessions are excellent way to build confidence on the mat, work towards your specific goals at your pace and be guided every step of the way.

Individual support and understanding of your challenges and needs can immensely accelerate your growth. 

Private/small groups sessions are available in the comfort of your own home, in a yoga studio or via video call to suit your schedule. 

90 minutes session is £50 regardless of the number of people attending.


A grand and dramatic statement! However at a point when I was consumed by stress and anxiety Daria helped me with yoga, meditation and mindset. With: some simple physical yoga; a daily prosperity meditation of between 7-11 minutes; and by writing down affirmations daily, there were, and continue to be, instant tangible results (including a lucrative work engagement within the world of the super rich – and I mean SUPER rich). More importantly, the routine has changed my outlook. I am confident, stress free and happy. With this mindset my decision making has improved, work performance has improved and family life has improved.
— James Hulme – Managing Director


Would you like to chat about your current situation and see if I could help you in any way? Let’s get a brew and spend 30 minutes getting to know each other to see if we could work together. It’s completely free of charge, no strings attached. Just click below to book your slot. I would love to connect with you learn more about you!

“Daria puts 100 percent into her clients and is a genuine heart centred being who cares and wants to help and serve. No one can ask for more”
— Lynne
It’s incredible how 11 minutes can change your day. I do this short Kundalini meditation which I’ve learnt with Daria, and it opens up my mind, gives me energy, and self-belief. It has an amazing effect on my creative writing – if I’m sitting stuck at my desk, I do the meditation, and afterwards I get lots of ideas and see more possibilities.

I’ve never thought I could meditate but Daria is so encouraging and fun, she inspired me to try Kundalini Yoga. I’ve been doing yoga for 25 years but the Kundalini breathing, meditation and mantras have taken this to a deeper level. I can feel how it’s healing me of life long habits which have held me back. One of the best lines I’ve ever learnt is from Daria saying “Fear and excitement are the same thing” - now I remind myself to shift my energy from fear into excitement when dealing with difficult situations.
— Charlotte

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