What is Kundalini Yoga?


Kundalini yoga is a specifically designed technology which can help you gain the tools to live day- to- day life in a much more positive and peaceful way. Everybody who practices Kundalini yoga can benefit from it. Kundalini yoga is suitable for anyone, no matter what your level of fitness, age, religion or personal believes. You don't even need to understand it and it will still produce powerful results. Just relax and enjoy the process.
"Kundalini yoga classes are a dynamic blend of postures, pranayama (breathing exercises), some mantra (chanting), music and meditation, which teach you the art of relaxation, self-healing and elevation. Balancing body and mind enables you to experience the clarity and beauty of your soul." Yogi Bhajan.
Benefits of kundalini yoga are best described in 3 words:
Healthy, Happy, Holy.



Regular Kundalini Yoga classes in Manchester and North Wales. Check out the schedule and join a class nearest to you.

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Explore, understand & experience Kundalini Yoga & Meditation on a deeper level. Great for beginners and advanced students.

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